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The UFTO Clients Only area contains proprietary materials and information of the UFTO program.

-- Reports and Workshops
This section has special lengthier UFTO documents, including reports on recently visited laboratories. (This information hasn't yet been adapted and entered into the database, as previous reports have been.)

About "UFTO Notes"
UFTO Notes are distributed via an email distribution list on an average of 1-2 times per week, and contain new and timely information developed by UFTO for the members.  Eventually most, but not all, "Notes" are adapted and entered into the Database.  Your company's main point of contact for UFTO generally will forward these notes to you if he or she knows you have an interest in the subject covered.

Anyone employee of a member company is welcome to receive these emails directly, with the understanding that you will be getting information across a very wide range of subject matter, and some of it may not be relevant or interesting to everyone.  To be added to the list, send a note to:  notes@ufto.com