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Hydrogen is not only a sizable industry in its own right (industrial gases), but the whole idea of a hydrogen energy economy has gone in and out of fashion for decades. I first came across it in the 70's, when colleagues at Brookhaven National Lab were drawing up scenarios that looked a lot like the diagrams people have today for a national hydrogen infrastructure.  When and how much of that will actually happen is anybody's guess, but before hydrogen meets our every energy need, it could grow to represent an interesting fraction of the overall energy picture.  Even at 5 or 10%, it would be very signiificant.

BONUS--the Economist, March 29 issue, has an exceptional special section "Survey of Biotechnology".and one of the articles outlines how biotech is changing some basic industries, including chemicals, materials, and energy.  It will remind you of the message we heard at NREL a year ago about the "biorefinery" and biomass  eventually replacing fossil resources.  Serious new  progress is being made on converting plant material (cellulose) into ethanol.  But what really caught my eye was the discussion of Craig Venter's new pet create a bacterium with a completely synthetic genome which would produce hydrogen directly, without the intermediate step of making glucose.   The story broke back in November '02, with his announcement of the establishment of the Institute for Biological Energy Alternatives (IBEA), which was awarded a three-year, $3 million grant from DOE for research to develop a synthetic chromosome which is a first step in the Institute's work toward developing cost-effective and efficient biological energy sources.

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