Much of the work of the DOE Energy Storage Program has been handled out of Sandia Lab.  A website there will eventually have more information.

Meanwhile, UFTO has obtained a list of all publications from the program.  Most of the Sandia reports over the last several years are available as pdf downloads.  You can also ask to be added to the distribution list for hardcopies as they come out.

Here is the link for information on the annual EESAT meetings.

Another useful resource is the Electricity Storage Association.  Utilities with an interest in storage are well advised to join this organization.

Here are references to previous UFTO Notes that have focused on Storage technology.


28 Feb 2003 UFTO Note - Bipolar NiMHydride Battery

12 Jul 2002 UFTO Note - EESAT'02 Electricity Storage Conference

05 Dec 2001 UFTO Note - Nickel Hydrogen Battery Ready for Commercialization

New Report on Energy Storage (UFTO Note - Short Subjects 01 Oct 2002 )

"Energy Storage: The Sixth Dimension of the Electricity Value Chain",
  by Richard Baxter and Jason Makansi, of PearlStreet, Inc.

The report focuses on understanding potential business opportunities and developing long-term market strategies, describing the leading storage technologies (including pumped-hydro, compressed air energy storage, regenerative fuel cells/flow batteries, sodium/sulphur and lead acid batteries, superconducting magnetic energy storage, flywheels, thermal, and hydrogen systems), existing installations, and current market leaders. The 230-page report also includes 87 tables, market insights from leading industry thinkers, outlines of market applications including ancillary services and their impact on existing industry participants, a review of state and regional business opportunities, and forecasts of the impact on the US economy. (20% discount til 30 Nov). For details:

Contact: Richard Baxter,, 617.320.0598

In 2002, Pearl Street founded the Energy Storage Council, a non-profit organization formed to support the energy storage community in its effort to accelerate the introduction of energy storage systems and technologies into the marketplace.