Energy Storage Systems Program
Publications for the Years 1993 through Present

Sandia National Laboratories

April 2003

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2003 Feb Innovative Business Cases for Energy Storage in a Restructured Electricity Marketplace: A Study for the Energy Storage Systems Program, SAND2003-0362 J J. Iannucci, J. Eyer, and Paul C. Butler
2002 May Energy Storage Opportunities Analysis Phase II Final Report, SAND2002-1314 P. C. Butler
2001 Mar Characteristics and Technologies for Long- vs. Short-term Energy Storage, SAND2001-0765 S.M. Schoenung
2000 Jul Energy Storage Concepts for a Restructured Electric Utility Industry, SAND2000-1550 Iannucci and S. Schoenung
2000 Jun "Energy Storage Systems Program Report for FY99", SAND2000-1317 J. D. Boyes
1999 Oct Development of Zinc/Bromine Batteries for Load-Leveling Applications: Phase 2 Final Report, SAND99-2691 N. C. Clark, P. Eidler, and P. Lex
1999 Oct Utility Test Results of a 2-Megawatt, 10-Second Reserve-power System, SAND99-2570 B. L. Norris and G. J. Ball
1999 Sept Lessons Learned from the Puerto Rico Battery Energy Storage System, SAND99-2232 M. Farber De Anda, J. D. Boyes, and W. Torres
1999 Jul Development of Zinc/Bromine Batteries for Load-Leveling Applications: Phase 1 Final Report, SAND99-1853 P. Eidler
1999 Jul A Summery of the State of the Art of Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage Systems, Flywheel Energy Storage Systems, and Compressed Air Energy Storage Systems, SAND99-1854, P. Taylor, L. Johnson, K. Reichart, P. DiPietro, J. Philip, and P. Butler
1999 Jun Performance and Design Analysis of a 250-kW, Grid-Connected Battery Energy Storage System, SAND99-1483 B. L. Norris and G. J. Ball
1999 Jun Investigation of Synergy Between Electrochemical Capacitors, Flywheels, and Batteries in Hybrid Energy Storage for PV Systems, SAND99-1477 J. Wohlgemuth, J. Miller, and L. B. Sibley
1999 Apr Energy Storage Systems Program Report for FY98, SAND99-0883 P. C. Butler
1999 Apr System and Battery Charge Control for PV-Powered AC Lighting Systems, SAND99-0935, G. Kern
1999 Apr Solar-Powered Systems for Environmental Remediation, SAND99-0936 C. Miralles, B. Jensen, A. Flack, B. Yelin, J. Cromwell, R. Lopez, and S. Berge
1998 Sept Summary of State-of-the-Art Power Conversion Systems for Energy Storage Applications, SAND98-2019 S. Atcitty, S. Ranade, A. Gray-Fenner
1998 Aug Energy Storage Systems Program Report for FY97, SAND98-1733 P. C. Butler
1998 Aug Final Report on the Development of a 250-kW Modular, Factory-Assembled Battery Energy Storage System, SAND97-1276 G. P. Corey, W. Nerbun, and D. Porter
1998 Aug Battery Energy Storage Systems Life Cycle Costs Case Studies, SAND98-1905 S. Swaminathan, N. F. Miller, and R. K. Sen
1998 Aug Analysis of the Value of Battery Energy Storage with Wind & Photovoltaic Generation to the Sacramento Municipal Utility District, SAND98-1904 H. Zaininger
1998 Jul Review of Power Quality Applications of Energy Storage Systems, SAND98-1513 S. Swaminathan and R. K. Sen
1998 Mar Renewable Generation & Storage Project Industry & Laboratory Recommendations, SAND97-2700 N. C. Clark, P. C. Butler, and C. Cameron
1998 Mar Renewable Generation & Storage Project Industry & Laboratory Recommendations, SAND98-0591 N.C. Clark, P. Butler, C.P. Cameron
1997 Dec Modeling of Battery Energy Storage in the National Energy Modeling System, SAND97-2926 S. Swaminathan, W. T. Flynn, and R. K. Sen
1997 Nov Report on the Energy Storage Systems Program Executive Meetings Project, SAND97-2700 C. Platt, P. Taylor, L. Charles, and P. C. Butler
1997 Aug April 1997, Energy Storage Systems Program Report 1996, SAND97-1136 P. C. Butler
1997 Aug T&D in Alaska: Like an undeveloped nation, in Electrical World P. Taylor, M. Demarest, and P. C. Butler  
1997 Jul Battery Energy Storage Market Feasibility Study, SAND97-1275/1, and Battery Energy Storage Market Feasibility Study-Expanded Report, SAND97-1275/2 A. A. Akhil and S. Kraft
1997 Jun Battery storage all but eliminates diesel generator, in Electrical World M. Demarest, P. Taylor, D. Achenbach, and A. A. Akhil  
1997 Feb Cost Analysis of Energy Storage Systems for Electric Utility Applications, SAND97-0443 A. A. Akhil, R. K. Sen, and S. Swaminathan
1997 Jan DOE's Battery Storage Program, in Power Quality Assurance Magazine, Vol. 8, No. 1, p. 16 G. P. Corey and G. A. Buckingham  
1996 Dec Photovoltaic Battery & Charge Controller Market and Applications Survey, SAND96-2900 R. L Hammond, J. F. Turpin, G. P. Corey, T. D. Hund, and S.R. Harrington
1996 Oct Lead-Acid Batteries in Systems to Improve Power Quality, Fifth European Lead Battery Conference, Barcelona, Spain P. C. Butler, P. Taylor, and W. Nerbun  
1996 Oct DYNASTORE Operating Cost Analysis of Energy Storage for a Midwest Utility. Sandia National Laboratories report SAND96-2238C. Proceedings of the Twenty Ninth Annual Frontiers of Power Conference, Stillwater, OK R. G. Jungst and M. D. Anderson  
1996 Jun Energy Storage Solutions for Premium Power, in IEEE Aerospace and Electronics Systems, vol. 11, pp. 41-44 G. P. Corey  
1996 Apr April 1997, Sodium/Sulfur Battery Engineering for Stationary Energy Storage-Final Report, SAND96-1062 A. Koenig and J. Rasmussen  
1996 Jan Assessment of Utility Side Cost Savings from Battery Energy Storage. Sandia National Laboratories report SAND95-1545C. Proceedings of the 1996 IEEE Power Engineering Society Winter Meeting, Baltimore, MD R. G. Jungst, M. D. Anderson, and J. T. Alt  
1995 Jan "Sodium Beta Batteries," Handbook of Batteries, Chapter 12, McGraw Hill J. W. Braithwaite and W. L. Auxer  
1994 Oct Battery Energy Storage for Utility Applications: Phase I - Opportunities Analysis. Sandia National Laboratories, SAND94-2605 P. C. Butler  
1994 Feb Utility Battery Storage Systems Program Report for FY93. Sandia National Laboratories, SAND93-3899 P. C. Butler  
1993 Dec Battery Energy Storage: A Preliminary Assessment of National Benefits (The Gateway Benefits Study). Sandia National Laboratories, SAND93-3900 A. A. Akhil, et al.  
1993 Aug Specific Systems Studies of Battery Energy for Electric Utilities, SAND93-1754 A. A. Akhil, L. Lachenmeyer, S.J. Jabbour, and N. H. Clark