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As a retained strategic advisor, I support corporate and investor clients, helping them to source widely and choose wisely among new technology opportunities.


Value for my clients comes through my extensive network of technology providers, investors, entrepreneurs, and scientists.  I possess a deep, nuanced understanding of the complex energy and cleantech industry gained over my 30+ year career -- this long, continuous experience sets me apart from relative newcomers to the industry.


I speak the language of both technologists and investors, providing an important bridge between these two stakeholder groups. Fully immersed in this exciting global industry, I am ever watchful 24-7 for intelligence and opportunities that might benefit my clients.  I enjoy a reputation for a deep technical understanding of energy science and technologies, coupled with wide-ranging knowledge of industry issues, and an extensive network among key players.  It is gratifying when colleagues introduce me to others as someone you really ought to know.


After earning a PhD in physics, I was in the group at Brookhaven National Lab that undertook interdisciplinary analyses of energy systems during the first energy crisis of the 1970s.  Many of today's discussions can be seen as rediscovery of issues we examined then.  Subsequently, positions at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) gave me an insider's view of power systems and the utility industry.


In the early 1990s, I started an independent consultancy, Energy Technology Advisors.  Since that time, I have been providing strategic advice and gathered intelligence to wide variety of corporate and investor clients, including the following:


The Hub Lab

As Technical Director, I identified revolutionary developments in energy science and managed a series of R&D grants on behalf of a family office in Asia.  Our foresight, knowledge and vision gave grantees the chance to take their first steps, leading in several instances to remarkable technological advancements and subsequent venture funding.



A multi-client program I founded for several dozen major power companies in the US and abroad to do technology scouting at national research labs.  This study ran for nearly 10 years, during which time I visited most of the prominent labs doing energy-related research.  Clients gained unique insights regarding technology threats and opportunities that could significantly impact their businesses.


Jane Capital Partners

As advisors to both Conoco Philips and Meridian Energy (New Zealand) on strategic technology ventures and acquisitions, we led extensive explorations of the energy tech investment landscape which enabled them establish the direction they wanted to pursue.  Each of them then made significant acquisitions.


Nth Power

I am a Special Limited Partner in Nth Power’s first two venture capital funds, providing strategic and technical advice, and finding their first LP investors.


Electricite de France

I provided strategic advice on the commercialization potential of their R&D, supporting management’s decision on whether to pursue an international marketing strategy.



I prepared analyses of emerging energy technologies, providing their strategic planners with key insights and competitive intelligence. 


Garage Ventures

Serving on their Board of Advisors, I provide reviews and guidance as they encounter novel cleantech deals.


Cleantech Group

I served as a senior advisor during the formation of this leading global cleantech information provider and convener.


Coach, mentor, judge

..for venture forums and business plan competitions, such as the Cleantech Open and the NREL Industry Growth Forum. Active participation in conferences and other gatherings leads to close and lasting collegial and mentoring relationships with many entrepreneurs and startups, and with the larger network of investors and service providers.



I look forward to discussing your needs and how I might support you in realizing your objectives    

March 2011

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