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EMAIL/OnLine Resources

A weekly newsletter from DOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network (EREN).

DER Update
This summary of DER-related news and events is published by DOE's Office of Distributed Energy Resources every two weeks. (email)

Fuel Cell Technology Update
sign-up for listserve to receive Fuel Cells 2000's press releases and monthly technology update

Fuel Cell Connection - (monthly email)  &     Fuel Cell Catalyst - (quarterly email)
  U.S. Fuell Cell Council

Science & Technology Highlights
Oak Ridge National Lab's Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Program:

NASA Tech Briefs INSIDER News

Energy Central
  Free daily news summary service

Free daily email  issue paper--always interesting.

Electric Utility Restructuring Weekly Update  (email)

Trade Magazines  (Most of these offer free subscriptions)

Electric Light & Power  (Pennwell)
Power Engineering   (Pennwell)

Transmission & Distribution World

Platts Energy Business & Technology
    - Electrical World T&D  (merged into above. Sep02)

Renewable Energy World  (James&James-UK)

(international renewable energy magazine)

Scientific and Technical

IEEE Spectrum

IEEE Power Engineering Review
IEEE Computer Applications in Power Magazine
(In 2003, these 2 will merge into new  IEEE Power & Energy Magazine)

Science Magazine  (AAAS)

Scientific American

RD Magazine

General & Business Publications

New Yorker
Atlantic Monthly
Business Week
Wall Street Journal
Business 2.0
Red Herring