July 8, 1997


From: Ed Beardsworth

SUBJECT: Report for Electricite de France, Electrical Equipment Department
It's a great pleasure to provide the enclosed report which introduces the wide ranging technology and capabilities of just one part of EdF's huge R&D program.

Last year, I had the privilege to spend one week meeting and interviewing many people in this major department, at two EdF's R&D facilities outside Paris. This report describes the programs I heard about or was able to glean from various EdF publications.

My agreement with EdF (also a member of UFTO, as you know) includes a provision for me to provide this report to you as members of UFTO, in much the same spirit as we have done for the DOE National Labs. In other words, EdF is not only a utility user of UFTO information, like all of you, but in this context is also a supplier of technology, like the laboratories.

Compared with utilities in this country, EdF takes a very different approach to the power business, and to R&D and technology. They have developed a rich technological resource that should prove a valuable complement to what is already available to you. I think you'll be impressed with the range and depth of the work at EdF. Our detailed look inside comes at a time when EdF is beginning to evolve a far more proactive marketing stance, putting us in the enviable position to be among the first US utilities to investigate many of these wares.

I encourage you to read this report carefully and be sure that appropriate people in your company do likewise. Then, M. Gerard Gambier and I, and the contact people listed in the report, stand ready to help with your follow-up inquiries.

 Sincerely yours,

Edward Beardsworth

Catalogue 1997
Service Materiel Electrique = Electrical Equipment Department
 Direction des Etudes e Recherche = R&D Division
 Electricite de France

In connection with the release of the UFTO report on EdF's Electrical Equipment R&D, we've been asked to review their new 1997 Catalogue, and provide reader feedback on the content, style and presentation, and on level of interest in the technologies and capabilities that are described.

The Catalogue in some ways parallels the UFTO report, but takes a different approach and has a different emphasis. Ultimately, EdF may determine that some blend of the two will serve their purposes best, and this is precisely the question they want your guidance on.

If you would like a copy of the Catalogue, please let me know (tel, fax or email), and it will be sent under separate cover. A brief questionnaire will be included, and your willingness to provide a response will be most appreciated.

Ed Beardsworth
650-328-5675 fax