Large-scale advanced vitrification technologies for site remediation and waste treatment
Source: DOE SBIR
Date: 10/23/96    Record No.: 10372
Contact: James E Hanson, 509-375-0710

Large-scale advanced vitrification technologies for site remediation a...
Subsidiary of Battelle is commercializing this DOE technology. Tested and licensed. Clear focus on markets, and good grasp of who competitors are.

(Following text prepared by the company for the Dawnbreaker DOE Commercialization Opportunity Forum," Washington, DC, 10/8-9/96, for small businesses that have received DOE SBIR funding, and who are seeking investors, business partners, or customers.)

"This international Company holds an exclusive worldwide IP position in the field of large-scale advanced vitrification technologies for site remediation and waste treatment. The Company has over $20 million in current backlog, is profitable, has worldwide growth opportunities, and it's proven technologies possess excellent regulatory and public acceptance. The Company plans to acquire more than $50 million of sales from the DOE environmental restoration marketplace within the next three years. The Company seeks a strategic partner, that is established or entering the DOE ER/WM marketplace, to augment its operations and marketing capabilities as needed to secure large ($20 to 100 million) waste remediation and treatment projects within the DOE, other government, and private remediation markets. Benefits to the partner include increased market potential, a strong vitrification technology base, and strategic access to the Company's parent, which is a leading environmental technology company. The Company poses an attractive opportunity for $8 million of second stage equity investment followed by an IPO for support of further growth."

Geosafe Corp
James E Hanson, Vice President
Richland WA