Breakthrough material to remove radionuclides, metals, and organics from contaminated waters
Source: DOE SBIR
Date: 10/23/96    Record No.: 10371
Contact: Harry R. Johnson, 703-222-0280

Breakthrough material to remove radionuclides, metals, and organics fr...
Humasorb, made from coal, simultaneously captures both metals and organics. Can be used as a liquid or solid filter. Could handle coal pile run off. Co. a spinoff from Atlantic Research Corp in 1987.

(Following text prepared by the company for the Dawnbreaker DOE Commercialization Opportunity Forum," Washington, DC, 10/8-9/96, for small businesses that have received DOE SBIR funding, and who are seeking investors, business partners, or customers.)

"A unique material has been developed for the single-step removal of radionuclides, metals, and organics from contaminated waters. This versatile new material replaces traditional sequential processing approaches making it cost-effective as a permeable barrier to remove and capture plume contaminants and for surface treatment operations. Applications are targeted at the water pollution prevention and remediation markets estimated to exceed $600 million per year. Technology to produce the new material is protected by pending patents and trade secrets gained over a 5-year period of development by a company that has a successful record of commercializing new technologies. Investors and strategic alliances are sought to support the commercialization of the material on a site-specific or application basis."

Harry R. Johnson, Technical Director