Supersonic air jet and vacuum transport for safe excavations using supersonic air jet
Source: DOE SBIR
Date: 10/23/96    Record No.: 10362
Contact: Richard D. Nathenson

Supersonic air jet and vacuum transport for safe excavations using sup...
Did prototype with EPRI. Can be operated remotely (robotic). Safe, productive, precise, safe, efficient, flexible. Won't harm any impermeable surface. Can even dig around tree roots.

(Following text prepared by the company for the Dawnbreaker DOE Commercialization Opportunity Forum," Washington, DC, 10/8-9/96, for small businesses that have received DOE SBIR funding, and who are seeking investors, business partners, or customers.)

"Our Safe Excavation technology employs a proprietary, synergistic combination of supersonic jets of air and pneumatic vacuum transport to uncover any type of buried object without fear of accident or inadvertent damage. Industrial market applications involve urban and suburban excavations for new installation or repair of telecommunication. electric, or gas utility lines. Commercial needs range from agriculture to environmental remediation and recovery of hazardous or radioactive waste. Military uses include retrieval of unexploded ordnance or removal of buried land mines. We have designed, built, and tested hand-held, portable, and backhoe-sized prototype equipment for each of these market segments. Market forecasts for our larger equipment are approximately two thousand units in a mature market annually. We desire an investor or commercial partner to help us begin to manufacture and sell into these market segments."

Concept Engineering Group Inc.
Richard D. Nathenson, President
Pittsburgh PA

Topics: T&D