Highly graphitic carbon fiber reinforcement
Source: DOE SBIR
Date: 10/23/96    Record No.: 10360
Contact: Max L. Lake, 513-766-2020

Highly graphitic carbon fiber reinforcement
Vapor grown carbon fiber, low cost, simple continuous process. Very different from other fibers. High effective surface area. Injection moldable, smooth finish. Can be used in major quantities to reinforce tires, wood products, concrete (including ash-based?). Made from Hi Sulfur Coal, with methane as by product.

(Following text prepared by the company for the Dawnbreaker DOE Commercialization Opportunity Forum," Washington, DC, 10/8-9/96, for small businesses that have received DOE SBIR funding, and who are seeking investors, business partners, or customers.)

"This company has developed a proprietary, highly graphitic carbon fiber reinforcement having a diameter of 0.2 microns, a length of 100 microns, and a low production cost. The unique combination of small size, high reinforcement value, and low cost enables broad use in EMIŠshielding, friction products, batteries, engineered plastics and rubber for the automotive industry. A market demand of 120 million lbs./yr. for these specialized applications have been identified. The company is seeking an investor or joint venture partner from the automotive or energy industries to scale up for product introduction in mid 1988."

Applied Sciences, Inc.
Max L. Lake, President
Cedarville OH 45314