EEI utilities to study power grid reliability
Source: Edison Electric Institute
Date: 10/24/96    Record No.: 10409
Contact: Ed Beardsworth, 415-328-5670, fax 415-328-5675

EEI utilities to study power grid reliability
The Edison Electric Institute, which represents investor-owned utilities, said Wednesday it had set up a panel of top executives to review U.S. power grid reliability and possibly recommend mandatory rules for operating the system.

The move comes after two major power outages in the West in July and August and comes amid sweeping changes drawing new players into the power market and widening use of the grid.

The committee plans to work with the Energy Department and the North American Electric Reliability Council (NERC), the main industry body which ensures transmission reliability.

The group plans to make recommendations for improving transmission operating standards, enforcing standards, pricing of transmission, and developing new technologies.

"Competition means that all players now must adhere to those rules, and perhaps new ones, to ensure reliability for all consumers," EEI said.

In a recent letter to commissioner James Hoecker on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, EEI said that the voluntary system of complying with reliability rules "may no longer be adequate in the new competitive environment."

"Many advocate that mandatory NERC operating and reliability standards most likely will be needed in order to maintain reliability regardless of how regional market structures evolve," the EEI letter dated Oct 10 said. (Source: Reuters Oct 16, 1996)

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