Multi-Function Power Transfer Controller (MPTC)
Source: University of Minnesota
Date: 11/7/96    Record No.: 10412
Contact: Dr. Ned Mohan, Electrical Engineering, Univ. of Minn.
Tel 612-625-3362,.fax 612-625-4583.

Multi-Function Power Transfer Controller (MPTC)
A patent application has just recently been submitted by the University of Minnesota for this new contender in transmission flow control, with claims to be simpler, more reliable and cheaper than alternatives, such as thyrister controlled shunt reactors (TCR), Thyrister Controlled Series Capacitors (TCSC), or the Universal Power Flow Controller (UPFC).

MPTC proposes a different approach, using thyristers (instead of the more expensive GTOs) to inject a portion of the primary voltage back into the secondary windings of a transformer, separately for each phase. The proposed devices is described in a paper available from the inventor, Dr. Ned Mohan. The patent application and other details will be shared under a non-disclosure agreement. The University is looking for a major company to license, develop and market the technology, and sent information to a number of major vendors very recently.

Topics: T&D