NIST Strategic Plan for Electric Power Industry
Source: NIST
Date: 11/14/96    Record No.: 10413
Contact: James Olthoff, 301-975-2431; Jerry Fitzpatrick, 301-975-2737

NIST Strategic Plan for Electric Power Industry
The Electrical Systems Group at NIST has prepared a Draft "Strategic Plan For Measurement Support for the U.S. Electric-Power Industry," July 31, 1996. It is an attempt to identify the highest priority technical needs of the industry during these times of dramatic change, and particularly where NIST can make a significant contribution.

Based on a comprehensive review of needs in areas of power system efficiency and reliability, environmental protection and power quality, the report focuses on implications for NIST. It may prove a useful benchmark for your own technology needs identification purposes.

More immediately, however, NIST is anxious to have a greater degree of input, review and comment from the industry, and will happily send you a copy. You can relay your request through UFTO, or directly to:

James K. Olthoff,.301-975-2431. or Jerry Fitzpatrick,.301-975-2737.

Topics: T&D