DOE 2nd Industrial Energy Efficiency Symposium & Expo
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Date: 1/24/97    Record No.: 10423
Contact: Energetics Inc, Columbia MD, 410-290-0370, fax 301-621-3329

DOE 2nd Industrial Energy Efficiency Symposium & Expo
The DOE Office of Industrial Technology held the2nd annual symposium in February in Washington DC. A program summary is shown below, taken directly from the OIT web site.

Additional details can be gotten on line, or contact Energetics Inc, Columbia MD, 410-290-0370, fax 301-621-3329, and ask them to send you a copy of the full program brochure.


2nd Industrial Energy Efficiency Symposium & Expo
February 25-27, 1997 Arlington, Virginia

The two-day conference will spotlight the public-private R&D; partnerships that are in place in seven key process industries: aluminum, chemicals, forest products, glass, metalcasting, petroleum refining, and steel.

This year's theme, Turning Industry Visions Into Reality, strikes a chord with all technology and business managers. Today, more than ever, companies are looking to leverage every dollar by teaming up with other organizations and sharing technology risks. The 2nd Industrial Energy Efficiency Symposium and Exposition will bring manufacturers, suppliers, and customers together with key representatives of research laboratories, universities, and government programs to facilitate networking and the formation of research and technology alliances.

Find out how these industries will be gaining a competitive edge in rapidly changing global markets.

See how the industries of the future will meet the energy, environmental, and economic challenges of tomorrow.

Learn how collaborative R&D; addresses industry needs and accelerates the development of crosscutting technologies such as advanced turbines, textiles, advanced materials and composites, forging, heat treating, and welding.

Visit the exhibition hall, where exhibitors will showcase their technologies, products, and services.

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