Source: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Date: 7/1/93    Record No.: 10014
Contact: Richard Pekala, 510-422-0152

"Frozen smoke" lowest density solid--many remarkable properties and potential applications. Very high surface area 300-1000 sq meters/gm, lowest thermal conductivity of any material. Supercritical extraction of solvents leave open-cell structures of Silicon, Carbon-based or metal oxide materials. Fabrication not cheap yet.
- Supercapacitors
- Metal Oxide catalysts
- Insulation (can be made from agar--seaweed!)
- Natural Gas storage
- New electrodes for fuel cells

Li-Ion Battery -- Improvement over Sony/AT&T technology (Reversible intercalation of Li in carbon anode) using foam technology get 1-1/2 times current 80-100 wh/kg. High cycle life. Utilizes aerogel carbon foam technology.