Supercapacitor: Aerogel
Source: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Date: 7/1/93    Record No.: 10009
Contact: Polystor Corp, 510-606-8850

Supercapacitor: Aerogel
10**4 better! Up to 40 Farads/gm, high energy, 5-10 wh/kg , power 2-20 kw/kg
Uses carbon aerogel foam in thin layer as electrode in liquid electrolyte. Extremely large surface area and double layer capacitor effect. Carbon aerogel manufacture appears to be closer to practicality, as it doesn't require non-critical extraction. Very low cost. Opens up possibilities for very low energy desalination via capacitive deionization. [Update: Jim Kaschmetter left LLNL to form Polystor, a spinoff startup company that is commercializing this technology.]