Economic Modeling
Source: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Date: 7/1/93    Record No.: 10007
Contact: Tom Edmunds, 510-422-5156; Alan Lamont, 510-423-2575

Economic Modeling
Generalized Equilibrium modeling (3rd generation) network/market model; (relaxation of Lagrange coefficients). Want opportunity to use methods to meet a utility's needs.
- National market model--policy applications--market clearing/capacity additions--with accurate detailed charactization of technologies, linked in a network model.
- Distributed Utility (DU)--they contributed to PG&E DU report--their approach apparently was not adopted. They feel confident their approach would be useful to utility planners--based on idea of value/market clearing prices determining what is built and when.
- For EIA/DOE--Emission trading and natural gas models.
- META*NET is beta software "language/platform" for this kind of modeling--user's manual provided.
- Suggest LLNL's has special competence in sensors, data mgt, control/response moment-to-moment, that would be important in operation of DU.