Hydrogen Storage
Source: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Date: 7/1/93    Record No.: 10006
Contact: Glenn Rambach, 510-423-6208

Hydrogen Storage
LLNL concentrating on vehicle storage--composite materials for tanks; cryogenic carbon adsorption and glass microspheres.
- 10-12 years ago, they needed "perfect" glass microspheres for inertial laser fusion (fill with deuterium or tritium--tiny H-bombs when blasted with lasers). Commercial ones too irregular--sorted thru and found that only 1 in 10**13 that were good enough. (Note one of the commercial processes involves fly ash in a turbulent flame.) They developed a way to make perfect ones. Now seeking to scale up the manufacturing process, to use spheres for bulk storage of H2.
- They're in discussions with a vendor interested in a near-term commercial application.
- Need to scale up mfg. by factor of 10**12--already accomplished 10**6.
- Still may be able to use commercial/imperfect spheres--sorting process to pick out the ones that are good enough.
- Reference: Robert Teitel, BNL Report # 51439, May 81 "Microcavity H2 Storage, Final Progress Report." Also, there is an LLNL report on properties, manufacture and use.
- LLNL has best capability in the world to study structure/characteristics of microspheres. (fuel cells)