Source: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Date: 7/1/93    Record No.: 10001
Contact: General phone, 510-422-1100

LLNL has a complex matrix organizational structure, consisting of "directorates," or "programs" and "divisions." The general pattern is for technical personnel to belong administratively in discipline-based divisions (physics, chemistry & material science, engineering, etc.). Most project work is organized in the programs, to which personnel are assigned and bill time, etc. There are many exceptions, however. Some projects are administered in the divisions, and a number of people "wear several hats," reporting to different groups within LLNL at the same time. Organization charts are of little help. Key contact personnel can provide guidance about who to talk to on any given subject, though it does pay to get more than one perspective on program content and direction.

LLNL has a large body of work that is relevant to utilities, including storage and power conditioning (batteries and capacitors), toxics remediation, NOx reduction, modeling, hydrogen storage, sensors, materials (catalysts, coatings, insulators, thermoelectrics), etc.