Decision and Information Sciences Div
Source: Argonne National Laboratory
Date: 12/1/93    Record No.: 10037
Contact: Paula Scalingi, Director

Decision and Information Sciences Div
- Compliance with Environmental Mandates (e.g., CAA, CWA, CERCLA/RCRA, greenhouse gases, etc.)--Analysis of regulations, synergies and conflicts, trade-off analysis/decision framework at the plant level of compliance strategies, vis a vis other business goals, rate regulation etc. A dynamic and complicated process. Models developed allow rapid assessment of scenarios, based on actual plant data.

- Incentive regulation--adoption of innovative technologies--detailed analyses.
- Integrated Resource Planning.
- Technology Assessment (e.g., CFC replacement--utilities need to inventory commercial a/c installed base and plan a response.)
- AI applied to reliability/value based maintenance. Did earlier (non-AI) work on boiler aging/vintaging.

- R&D Portfolio Management--long-standing program for Defense Nuclear Agency, and other applications (e.g., Wisc PUC!) --software and information-gathering techniques. A rigorous approach using multi-attribute utility function decision techniques, for optimizing portfolio and prioritizing projects, against measurable objectives, as the situation changes.