Ice Slurry/District Cooling
Source: Argonne National Laboratory
Date: 12/1/93    Record No.: 10031
Contact: Ken Kasza, 708-252-9260

Ice Slurry/District Cooling
Advanced energy transmission fluids--study for DOE--phase change and particulates in water.
Additives to reduce friction in flow--very effective.

Pelletized ice can be pumped with water in existing chilled water systems or new systems--greater heat transfer capacity & reduced pumping load, and customer storage volume is reduced by factor of 10. Small scale field demo being built with EPRI and NSP--NRG (unreg) subsid has proprietary position--sees business oppty in engineering consulting, licensing and TOU rates.

Handbook done--design for slurries. Have plan to develop Engineering Design Database (whoever does this will control the technology).

Large scale demo will be at ANL--800 ton ice maker--looking for utility participation--need funding for detailed engineering, testing, analysis, etc. Proprietary rights available.

Window of Opportunity--Equipment makers/users will have to phase out CFCs! Utilities can offer central cooling--sell ice, do peak shaving on customer site. Unreg business to sell engineering, equipment, service.