Measurement and NDE
Source: Argonne National Laboratory
Date: 12/1/93    Record No.: 10030
Contact: Paul Raptis, 708-252-5930; Stephen Dieckman, 708-252-5628

Measurement and NDE
Acoustic leak detection (for Con Ed). Put microphones in the system--Identifying noise signatures for Steam Leaks. Some big wins finding leaks. NSP involved in testing. (Valves, boilers--straightforward, EPRI doing it.) Can apply to any steam system, not just distribution systems. Working on ASME guidelines. Next area for study is water leaks. Applicable in power plants!
Non-intrusive viscometer--good at high viscosity have working prototype--several manufacturers interested.
Surface Wave Chemical Detector--exists commercially, but needs applications development; e.g., for stack gases.
Mass Spectrometer fits in a briefcase, measures to ppb; more sensitive than current CEM methods.
MM wave sensor chemical spectroscopy--recently declassified arms control spin-off. Can look at large spaces; e.g., plumes--wide angle, and as good as Lidar.
Measurement, generally--flow, density, concentration, on line NMR (chemistry), NDE via optics, acoustics neutrons, microwaves. Effluent detection. Stress analysis.