Energy Technology Division Capabilities
Source: Argonne National Laboratory
Date: 12/1/93    Record No.: 10029
Contact: Roger Poeppel, 708-252-5118; Ken Natesan, 708-252-5103

Energy Technology Division Capabilities
- Component Failure Analysis--standing agreement to do tests for Commonwealth Ed.
- Corrosion--alloys, coatings. Particular focus on combustion and power plants via DOE Combustion 2000 program funding--sulfur-bearing gases effects, erosion prevention, etc. In '70s, developed refractories for coal gasification--resistance to corrosion and thermal shock--led into ability to do HTSC materials.
- All kinds of NDE.
- Thermal Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics--two phase flow, heat/mass transfer, flow-induced vibration (issue for steam generators).
- Tribology--measure friction and wear; surface coating apparatus/techniques, lubricants.