Technology Evaluation
Source: Argonne National Laboratory
Date: 12/1/93    Record No.: 10028
Contact: Alan Wolsky, 708-252-3783

Technology Evaluation
Capabilities available to utilities: (Crada or hire ANL)
- Modeling combustion--esp. FBC, erosion, gas-solid flows.
- Studies on CO2 capture/use.
- Recover SO2 as salable liquid (proprietary--ANL is under nondisclosure to an outside co.)
- SMES Demo/test--ANL has an idle magnet--180 MW sec--could do Power quality tests.
- Superconductivity--available to consult; internal study on future applications.
- Scrap Metals recycling--Tom Sparrow at Purdue has studied this with utilities.
- Coal Ash--general area of interest; e.g., metals recovery, other.