Advance Heat Exchangers
Source: Argonne National Laboratory
Date: 12/1/93    Record No.: 10027
Contact: Tom Rabas, 708-252-8995

Advance Heat Exchangers
"Enhanced Tubes" for condensers--actively seeking new users--TVA (only utility so far) doing it in 18 units, starting 14 years ago--see Power Engineering July '93 page 36. ANL has software to predict heat rate improvements. Heat transfer enhanced x1.7. NIPSCo has a program, Alabama Power did some tests awhile back; NYPA and PP&L are interested.

Need host utilities to test tubes. ANL would facilitate and provide specs, measurements and test program.

- Proposed a plate/fin type heat exchanger for H2 --cooling in generators--could reduce costs of new units--Westinghouse contact. CRADA proposal not selected (copy on hand).

- With PG&E, proposed a study of potential to improve cooling of transmission transformers to increase system capacity. CRADA proposal not selected (copy on hand).

(Note: this program is funded by DOE Industrial, not power program--these ideas tend to fall in between.)

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