Environmental Control Technology
Source: Argonne National Laboratory
Date: 12/1/93    Record No.: 10025
Contact: Dave Livingood, 708-252-3737

Environmental Control Technology
Test facility for dry scrubbing and spray drying--HANDBOOK--"5 yrs ahead of EPRI's HSTF." Combined NOx/SOx control--developed additives, systems for both wet and dry scrubbing at lab and pilot scale.

Dravo-Lime ThioNox (like Argonox but better)--add chemicals to wet scrubber to remove NOx along with SOx--it works! CG&E pilot will clarify economics in 1 yr.

Spray-dryer/fabric filter FGD for high sulfur coal--showed long-term reliable operation.

Air Toxics--have PETC to work with--how to capture heavy metals such as mercury.
- dry sorbents (carbon) in wet scrubbers -waste testing (what's in the output)
- Activated carbon performance extreme variation depending on type/source

Sequestering CO2 from IGCC--system study of costs for METC. Estimate all costs, emissions from mining on. Don't wait till the stack; modify the plant with a shift reactor to H2, and capture the CO2. Algae approach unrealistic.-- paper 11/93 at Dallas PowerGen Conference.