Fossil Energy Program
Source: Argonne National Laboratory
Date: 12/1/93    Record No.: 10022
Contact: Dave Schmalzer, 708-252-7723, or 202-488-2415 in Wash DC

Fossil Energy Program
Manages programs funded by DOE Fossil, including fuel cells. Also $$ from other sources.
Advanced Environmental Control Technology (under PETC). Increasing attention to air toxics, bag houses may be workable if adsorbents can be found. Coal-Fired MHD, a semi success technically, has been phased out by DOE. Direct Coal Turbine--ANL advisory to METC. Two approaches: UTC doing direct combustion of pulverized coal, and Foster Wheeler's is mild pyrolysis, with char to be burned on water-cooled walls (divides the coal into 2 parts).
Research on multi-phase flow--coal slurries. Also ion-exchange to put catalyst metals into the coal prior to liquefaction.

"Argonox" additives to reduce NOx--Pilot test at CG&E--Dave Livingood, 708-252-3737
Alkali control for PFBC--newly hot topic--Sheldon Lee, 708-252-4395
CO2 capture, utilization and disposal for IGCC--Richard Doctor (ESD)

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