Source: Argonne National Laboratory
Date: 12/1/93    Record No.: 10019
Contact: John Hull, 708-252-8580; Ken Uherka, 708-252-7814

High Temperature SuperConductors (HTSC)--3 distinct areas of work: (all projects are with outside companies!)

1. Basic theory--physics and chemistry.
2. Materials fabrication--wire and tape for devices (with mfgs.) largest Federal program center for measuring samples. Use high flux neutrons to look deep in metals; look for O2. Adding particulate Silver to increase fracture resistance. Alloy, draw, roll and heat treat--need grains aligned. Wire development getting close to practical for devices.
3. Applications (notably in the electric utility industry)
- Intermediate link for existing Low temp (liquid He) SC applications, as current leads to the outside, to get lower cooling and insulation needs--for SMES w/Superconductivity Inc's 1 MW-1 sec. UPS. Also for B&W 1/2 MW-hr (@ sev. MW for 5-10 min) SMES for Anchorage Electric (TRP/DOE funding).
- Fault current limiter--limits by going from superconducting to normal, limiting rather than interrupting--allows higher transmission line loading. Issues whether to interrupt all 3 phases, and question whether application limited to large concentrated loads.
- Levitation--very different materials requirement--don't need to align grains! For very low friction bearings, flywheel energy storage program for large diurnal storage systems (with Comm Ed).
(DOE solicited teams 1 year ago for Superconducting Partnership Initiative to develop applications. ANL proposal with Allied Signal unsuccessful--had found sev. utilities willing to invest--Comm Ed, Southern, C&SW, NiMo) (DU, Distributed Utility)