Source: Argonne National Laboratory
Date: 12/1/93    Record No.: 10017
Contact: General Phone 708-252-2000

Similar to other DOE labs, ANL has a matrix organizational structure of "Divisions" and "Programs." The divisions are aligned by programmatic area, and have the people, projects and budgets. Programs are mainly to coordinate the Laboratory's efforts across divisions. In a few instances, programs take on a larger role; e.g., in the case of fuel cells.

Both divisions and programs live in research "ALD's" or Associate Laboratory Directorates, headed by Assoc. Lab Directors who along with other administrative and support groups report to the Laboratory Director (Alan Schriesheim).

Argonne's four research ALD's are:
- Physical Research (basic research in fundamental sciences)
- Advanced Photon Source (a new high-energy X-ray facility for basic research)
- Engineering Research (mostly advanced nuclear and national security)
- Energy & Environmental Science & Technology (EEST)
(name recently changed from "Energy, Environmental and Biological Research")

Of these, virtually all work of potential interest to utilities is in EEST. However it's important to understand that EEST has Programs that are carried out by cross-ALD, cross-divisional teams. For example, the work of the Electrochemical Technology Program involves major participation by staff from the Chemical Technology Division of the Engineering Research ALD.

ANL has a number of "User Facilities" and "Centers" that focus on particular subjects, and make special equipment, facilities and expertise available to outside users, on a fee or collaborative basis. These are housed within programs and divisions.

ANL also takes on a program management role nationally on behalf of DOE, for some aspect of a DOE program; e.g., supporting PETC or METC or the DOE program office directly, or in collaboration with another national lab.

EEST itself is divided into 3 areas reporting to "General Managers," and then into the divisions and Programs:

1. Energy & Industrial Technologies (Richard W. Weeks, General Manager, 708-252-9710)

Energy Systems Division (Norm Sather, Director, 708-252-3724) - approx 200 people

Energy Technology Division (Roger Poeppel, Director, 708-252-5118) - (formerly called Materials & Component Technology Division) - approx 120 people

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Program (William Schertz)
- Electrochemical Technology Programs (Mike Myles)
- Fossil Energy Programs (David Schmalzer)
- Industrial Technology Development Center (Don Mingesz) (acting) (formerly called the Technology Transfer Center)

2. Environmental Sciences (Terry Surles, General Manager)
Environmental Research Division (Chris Reilly, Director)

Environmental Assessment Division (Anthony Dvorak, Director) - approx 170 people

Decision & Information Sciences Division (Paula Scalingi, Director) - approx 150 people

Environmental Technology & Restoration Program (James Helt)

Global Climate Research Programs (Ruth Reck)

3. Center for Mechanistic Biology & Biotechnology (E Huberman, Director)