Developing Country Program
Source: Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Date: 1/1/94    Record No.: 10057
Contact: Thomas J. Wilbanks, 615-574-5515

Developing Country Program
Developing countries experiencing very high growth rates, but face capital constraints for new capacity; e.g., explosive growth in appliances in China and India, putting pressure on power systems. Thus, utilities have to be innovative. Also, as they go to the world financial market, there are new pressures regarding the environment, growth, DSM, conservation, etc. They want U.S. experience to guide them, especially in management and organizational structure.

U.S. utilities can get involved, and not just to make $$:
- Public service philosophy, especially to help stabilize the global environment!!
- Foreign situations offer a laboratory to test things
- Provides interesting careers for utility senior staff--good for morale
- Money available from U.S. and international agencies.
-Can help with economic development back home.

"Joint Implementation" on Climate/Greenhouse gases--producers invest elsewhere to buy abatement credits (e.g., tree planting). TVA is helping fund IRP in China to open it up for Joint Implementation.

He's working with EPRI/Wash DC office, and AID, World Bank, etc. Since '82, more than 60 projects in 34 countries. AID setting up a "Sister Utility Program" with USEA.