Energy Planning and Evaluations
Source: Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Date: 1/1/94    Record No.: 10054
Contact: Marilyn Brown, 615-576-8152

Energy Planning and Evaluations
Evaluate the effectiveness of programs from weatherization to tech transfer.

- National Evaluation of DOE Weatherization Program for Low Income Households
- Services delivered through local community agencies, and utilities can piggyback to deliver services to low-income customers. A number of utilities have worked with the program.
- Economics of Low-Income DSM Programs (ongoing with 4 utilities--Con Ed, Duke, CP&L, and Niagara Mohawk, 2 states and DOE): How will Utilities and PUCs assess cost effectiveness, and how to treat government funds?
- New England Audit Program ("NEAT") is a software package available to agencies, and provides a user-friendly shell around DOE-2 for single family houses.
- Support DOE commercialization efforts, in tracking, data collection and analysis of experience and success rates--have done case studies in building technology and Energy related invention program.