Bioprocessing R&D Center
Source: Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Date: 1/1/94    Record No.: 10052
Contact: Charles D. Scott, 615-574-6775; Timothy Scott, 615-574-5962

Bioprocessing R&D Center
Applied (not basic) biological research, making basic processes into high production rate systems (as distinct from slow chemical reactions):
- Cellulose--> glucose
- Remove S, N from coal (difficult) and from liquid/gas fuels (more likely)
- Stack gas cleanup with biocatalysts--lab stage; about 3 years to decision on next steps.
- Liquefying coal with enzymes

Bioengineering--unconventional, faster, more efficient. Reactor systems, separation and purification, models for scale up. Looking for industry participation in segregated waste paper to ethanol project

* Fuel Cycle Externalities are receiving renewed attention. ORNL has some notable work by Russ Lee in this area, that has gotten the attention of the NCA, among others.