Fuels, Combustion and Propulsion Technology Group
Source: Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Date: 1/1/94    Record No.: 10043
Contact: Ron Graves, 423-574-2036

Fuels, Combustion and Propulsion Technology Group
Work for EPRI on FBC; also applied chaos theory.

Piston Engine tests-- emissions, advanced materials, alternate fuels; CRADA's with auto makers.

Full vehicle test--managed Federal Methanol fleet project; detailed measurements, especially effects on lube oil.

Program Mgt. for DOE in Alternate Fuels; Subs with Detroit Diesel, Caterpillar on adv. diesel; Emission reducing additives for diesel fuels (with Cummins and Texaco) -- NOx down 40% with expensive custom molecule; natural gas in diesels.

ORNL not involved with large stationary engines, but has work in fuel chemistry relevant to standby generators (fuel stagnation and fire safety). Also Cogen (GT and diesel) for military bases.

Emissions after-treatment -- sensors, controls, instrumentation. (DU, Distributed Utility)

Topics: FOSSIL