Power Electronics Technology Center
Source: Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Date: 1/1/94    Record No.: 10042
Contact: William Key, 423-576-0278

Power Electronics Technology Center
Advanced motor development, based on ultra centrifuge program. Axial gap permanent magnet; working with HTSC to see how to use it in motors.
(Note: referred by Ron Graves to Dan Linehan and John Conyer, ETD at K25, program development staff for adv. motors. Also to Y-12 Howard Haynes and Don Casada for Electric Motor Signature Analysis & Condition Assessment -- for Reliability Centered Maint. Already successful with valves in nuclear plants.)

Inverters -- internal development program for hi effic, hi reliability, low EM interef. 40kW 300VDC for automotive program.

Photonics -- also internal effort -- on non-contact remote power sensor and strain measurement (EPRI--B. Dooley), fiber optic sensors, Si rubber weight-in-motion.

Flywheels (Dave O'Kain) --applying experience from gas centrifuge program that was canceled in '85 --high speed rotor in vacuum. High peripheral velocity is key variable. Hold world record. Spin test facility can spin to failure. Program not a solo effort -- team with others for system. (DU, Distributed Utility)

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