Key Contacts
Source: Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Date: 1/1/94    Record No.: 10040

Key Contacts
Key Contacts:
General phone #: Martin Marietta Energy Systems
Oak Ridge National Labs

Primary UFTO Contact:
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Program
A.C.(Tony) Schaffhauser, Director, , 615-574-4826
Marilyn Brown, Deputy Director, 423-576-8152

Office of Technology Transfer--part of Martin Marietta Energy Systems, overseeing technology transfer for all the facilities they manage. Mission is to facilitate contacts and help with business arrangements. Want long-term strategic partnerships/teaming with industry, not just companies buying lab technology. Martin Marietta's winning bid to manage ORNL in '84 had strong tech transfer component. "Nothing is not possible." "Never say no, say how" There's always a way to make something work. Always looking for new ideas.

William R Martin, Vice President & Director, Technology Transfer, 615-576-8369

Ralph Donnelly was named Deputy Director in March '94

Public Relations

Martin Marietta Energy Systems, Carol Grametbauer, 617-574-1640, Ms. Eddie Stout, Assistant

ORNL Public Affairs Dept., 615-574-4160