DOD Exploratory Battery Workshop
Source: DOD
Date: 5/1/97    Record No.: 10448
Contact: Ms. Adrien Meskin, ATR, Burtonsville, MD
(301) 989-2499 (301)989-8000

DOD Exploratory Battery Workshop
(This little known workshop has come to our attention, and may interest people who follow battery technology closely. It is a tri service DOD event, and covers early stage R&D at DOD labs and contractors, at a fairly technical level. It is open to outside attendees, on a limited-space available -- basis. Anyone wanting to go should contact Ms. Meskin as indicated. Note the very low registration cost.)

June 30-July 3, 1997 Burlington, Vermont

The purpose of this workshop is to assess current DoD-sponsored battery 6.2 development programs in order to identify technology challenges and coordinate future efforts. This year the scope of the workshop has been broadened to include all high energy batteries with those of lithium chemistry receiving the major focus. Speakers will come from 6.2 efforts and will include both government and industrial participants.

This workshop is sponsored by Office of Naval Research and coordinated by the High Energy Battery R&D Group, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division and Advanced Technology & Research Corporation (ATR).


U.S. Army -- Robert Hamlen, Ph.D; Sol Gilman, Ph.D.;
Harold Christopher, Ph.D.; Allan Goldberg
U.S. Navy -- Carl Mueller, Ph.D.; Patricia Smith, Ph.D.
U.S. Air Force -- Richard Marsh; Steve Vukson
DARPA -- Lawrence Dubois, Ph.D.; Robert Nowak, Ph.D.

The workshop will be held at the Hampton Inn-Burlington/Colchester. A block of rooms has been reserved for all participants at the Government per diem rate for both single and double rooms.

For further information, contact Adrien at the following:



5th Workshop for Battery Exploratory Development
June 30-July 3, 1997
Burlington, Vermont

Monday, June 30
9:00-1:00 Registration
1:00 Opening Remarks Peter Keller, NSWC Carderock
1:05 Welcome James Barnes, NSWC Carderock
1:15 Introduction of Keynote Speaker
Stanley James, NSWC Carderock
1:20 Lithium and Lithium-ion Polymer Batteries: Status andOutlook
Bruno Scrosati, University La Sapienza


Organization and Battery Program

2:00 Navy -- Carl Mueller, Patricia Smith, NSWC Carderock
2:40 Army -- Robert Hamlen, CECOM; Sol Gilman, ARL
3:20 Break
3:30 Air Force -- Richard Marsh, Wright Laboratory; Dan Radzykewycz,
Phillips Lab
4:10 DARPA -- Robert Nowak, DARPA
4:40 Adjourn
6:30 Buffet Dinner

Tuesday, July 1

8:00 Registration
8:25 Opening Remarks Peter Keller, NSWC Carderock

Secondary Battery Technical Presentations

8:30 New Generation of Silver Zinc Batteries for Navy Vehicles
Roberto Serenyi, Yardney Technical Products, Inc.
8:55 Nickel/Metal Hydride Development
Air Force Nickel/Metal Hydride Battery Development
Steve Vukson, USAF Wright Laboratory
Bipolar Nickel/Metal Hydride Battery
Martin Klein, Electro Energy, Inc.
9:30 Rechargeable Lithium/Copper Chloride Battery Development
Fred Dampier, Lithium Energy Associates, Inc.
10:00 Break
10:15 Affordable Batteries for Undersea Vehicles (Lithium/Cobalt
Charles Kelly, Alliant Techsystems
10:45 Advanced Lithium Batteries for Underwater Vehicles
Synthesis of a High Energy Density Manganese Oxide Cathode
Alex Shiao, Maxpower, Inc.
Electrode Fabrications for High Energy Density and
High Rate Capability Rechargeable Lithium Systems
Kirakodu S. Nanjundaswamy, Eagle-Picher Industries Inc.
11:30 Particulate Sol-Gel Synthesis and Characterization of LiMO2
( M = Co, Ni, NixCo1-x ) Powders
Prashant Kumpta, Carnegie Mellon University
12:00 Lunch
2:00 Synthesis and Properties of Sol-Gel Derived Electrode
and Electrolyte Materials
Bruce Dunn, UCLA
2:30 Polymer Gel Electrolytes
Shyam Argade, Technochem Company
3:00 Break
3:15 Polymer Battery Technology Reinvestment Program
Recent Developments in the Ultralife Solid State SystemTMBattery
Edward Cuellar, Ultralife Batteries, Inc.
High Capacity Lithium Ion Solid Polymer Battery Development
Vincent Teofilo, Lockheed Martin Missles and Space
Flexible Manufacturing/Rapid Prototying of
Lithium Ion Polymer Batteries
David Roller, Alliant Techsystems
4:00 SAFT Li-ion Battery Development Program
N. Raman, SAFT America Inc.
4:45 Adjourn

Wednesday, July 2, 1997

8:00 Registration
8:25 Opening Remarks
Peter Keller, NSWC Carderock
8:30 Cathode Materials for Lithium Ion
William Smyrl, U of Minnesota
9:00 Cr (III)-modified LiMn2O4 Intercalation Materials for
Li Rechargeable Batteries
Rick Howard, Covalent Associates, Inc.
9:30 Low-cost, Lightweight Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries
Grant Ehrlich, Yardney Technical Products, Inc.
9:45 Low Temperature Electrolytes Formulated for Li-ion
Battery Applications
Yair Ein-Eli, Covalent Associates, Inc.
10:00 Break
10:15 Development of Large Li-ion Batteries for Aircraft
and Spacecraft Applications
Lynn Marcoux, BlueStar Advanced Technology Corporation
10:45 BB-X590 Battery Development for U.S. Army Applications
David Fouchard, Rayovac Corp.
11:15 Lithium-Ion 8 Ah Prismatic Cells for Navy UnderwaterApplications
Chris Castledine, Rayovac Corp.
11:45 Lunch
1:45 Ambient Temperature Rechargeable Lithium Ion BatteryTechnology
Thomas Reddy, Yardney Technical Products, Inc.
2:15 High Energy Lithium/Metal Disulfide Rechargeable Batteries
for Undersea Propulsion
Nicholas Papadakis, Northrup Grumman Corp.
2:45 Advanced Development Program for Lightweight
Rechargeable "AA" Zinc-Air Battery
Alexander Karpinski, Yardney Technical Products, Inc.
3:00 Break

Primary Battery Technical Presentations

3:10 Primary Battery Introduction
Peter Keller, NSWC Carderock
3:15 Power for Army Munitions
Allan Goldberg, ARL
3:30 Directions in Thermal Battery Research
John Erbacher, GRC International, Inc.
3:45 Development of a Thermal Battery with Novel Electrochemistry
Shyam Argade, Technochem Company
4:15 Development of High Rate Primary Zinc-Air Cylindrical Cells
Joseph Passaniti, Rayovac Corp.
4:30 Adjourn

Thursday, July 3, 1997

8:00 Registration
8:25 Opening Remarks
Peter Keller, NSWC Carderock
8:30 Development Status of Six Kilowatt Four Hour Sonobuoy Thermal
Nicholas Shuster, Northrop Grumman Corp.
9:00 Development of Lithium/Carbon Monofluoride Cells for Navy
Daniel Rohde, Rayovac Corp.
9:30 21st Century Land Warrior Li/MnO2 Pouch Battery
James Drass, Power Conversion, Inc.
10:00 Break
10:15 Advanced Primary Battery Development at BlueStar
Advanced Technology Corp
Lynn Marcoux, BlueStar Advanced Technology Corp
10:45 High Energy Density Ultrasafe LiMNO2, Pouch Cell
William Hoge, Ultralife Batteries, Inc.
11:15 Adjourn