Key Contacts
Source: National Institute of Standards and Technology
Date: 4/1/94    Record No.: 10062

Key Contacts
Primary UFTO Contact:
Dr. Alan Cookson, Associate Director, EEEL, Chief, Electricity Division, 301-975-2220

Joe Greenberg 301-975-2439

Public Affairs Division: 301-975-2762;
Jennifer Wright 301-975-2785


Over 300 publications/year. Contact Publications and Program Inquiries, 301-975-3058

Technology at a Glance (free quarterly newsletter).
Gail Porter 301-975-3392

Guide to NIST (Oct '93) Special Publication 858
116 page book--excellent overview of NIST, programs, facilities, organization, services.

Electronic Systems: NIST is accessible via Internet and several specialized bulletin boards. (See Guide to NIST.)