International Programs --DOE Fossil
Source: DOE -- Fossil Energy
Date: 11/1/94    Record No.: 10077
Contact: Miles Greenbaum, 301-903-2796

International Programs --DOE Fossil
DOE Fossil International Program Meeting, Nov. 1994
Contact Miles Greenbaum, International Programs Manager, Office of Fossil Energy, for information on their "Regional Implementation Plans" (Africa, E. Europe, Pacific Rim, Russia/NIS, S. Asia/N East, W. Europe, and W Hemisphere). 301-903-2796

The Office of Fossil Energy will issue a RFI soon for Clean Coal Projects in Foreign Countries, as a means to support the goals of reducing Greenhouse Gases. (Increased efficiency leading to lower CO2 emissions.) There will be a conference in Washington on or about Dec. 14. Copies will be sent to everyone on the clean coal mailing list, but to be sure, you can contact Jerry Pell at 301-903-9447. (Note how many birds you could kill with this one stone!)

AID is already funding projects in Poland, administered by DOE, to reduce pollution from low stacks in the city of Krakow, under the Clean Energy Fuels Efficiency Program. Howard Feibus is the DOE program manager. 301-903-3348.

As you've seen in the press, Secretary O'Leary has led a couple of very successful trade missions, to China, India and Pakistan. U.S. business representatives go along at their own expense, after a thorough preparation on opportunities in the target country, and come back with signed contracts for big projects! The extensive briefing materials prepared for these trips, and summaries about the results, are available (but are not "published") from DOE. You can also get information about future trips, and how to apply to go along. Contact Dawn Schrepel, DOE Trade Mission Coordinator, at 800-860-1097 (very sharp!)

The Dept. of Commerce's International Trade Administration also has an energy office: Andy Vitali is Director of the Office of Energy Infrastructure, 202-482-1466. Others in that group include Joe Yancik (Div. Director, Energy), Les Garton (renewables), and Katherine Viel (electric utilities).

Commerce also has a Trade Information Center, 800-USATRADE. They'll connect you with country and or industry experts, and explain Federal export assistance centers.

Other resources: Overseas Private Investment Corp, and US Trade & Development Agency.