Photovoltaics Division
Source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Date: 1/1/95    Record No.: 10092
Contact: Anthony Catalano, 303-384-6446; Thomas Surek, 303-384-6471; Roger Taylor, 303-384-6490

Photovoltaics Division
Photovoltaics is a major activity at NREL, including fundamental research, development of advanced materials and cells, manufacturing technology and module development, system development, measurement and fabrication, testing methods, and engineering and applications. Specifically, NREL has the PV Manufacturing Technology (PVMAT) initiative to support companies in particular technology developments. NREL shares the lead role in DOE's overall PV effort with Sandia Laboratory, which handles the concentrator PV program among other endeavors.

Particularly noteworthy is NREL's extensive outdoor field test facility, where many different commercial and research PV modules and cells undergo test and evaluation. NREL's specialty is flat panel systems. Contact is Laxmi Mrig, Senior Engineer, 303-275-7178.

There is a great emphasis on hastening the commercialization of PV, through subsidy programs to buy down the initial capital cost of demonstration systems, and to deploy "village" power in various places around the world.

PVUSA was a joint program begun several years ago between DOE, EPRI and several utilities to install and operate several pilot installations in different parts of the country. Currently, TEAMUP ("Technology Experience Acceleration Market Utility PV") has started a four year program (first year funding of $8.5 million from DOE) which will contribute $4/watt toward the installation of grid-connected systems, and with a focus on creating teams and relationships among utilities and suppliers. The program is managed by the utility industry--over 80 members to date.