Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Date: 1/1/95    Record No.: 10090
Contact: K. Shaine Tyson, 303-275-4616

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
This activity is set up as an internal service center to support NREL programs by providing modeling, network analysis, resource assessments, statistical analysis, screening studies, etc., where geographic aspects are important. The emphasis is of course on renewable energy resources, and map-based or graphical display of data. One example is a recent study of the WAPA transmission system which examined the spatial distribution of wind and solar flux with respect to the grid. Another study looked at transportation issues and their effect on the siting of biomass plants and where biofuel feedstock crops might be grown.

NREL's GIS capabilities can be used by outside groups, either under a CRADA or work-for-others, by working through the relevant technical program within NREL.

(A number of the National Labs have strong GIS programs; however, the emphasis at each is typically very different. Also, issues of data ownership (when commercial data has been licensed) can complicate matters, and make collaboration and sharing difficult.) (DU, Distributed Utility)