Electrochemical Ozone Generator
Source: UFTO
Date: 5/16/97    Record No.: 10451
Contact: Stan Simpson,
Lynntech, Inc., College Station, TX
409-693-0017, fax 409-764-7479

Electrochemical Ozone Generator
The usual method of producing ozone is by corona discharge in air. It requires auxiliary equipment to precondition the air (cooling to - 60 degrees C), it produces NOx and particulates, and it is limited to delivery of ozone at 2% concentration and atmospheric pressure. Despite these limitations, there is a rapidly growing use of ozone for laundries (hotels and hospitals especially), waste water treatment, and many other applications.

Lynntech, Inc, of College Station TX, is a multi-disciplinary technology development company established in 1990. To date, most of its revenues have come from SBIRs. The company has developed a range of new technologies which are in various stages of commercialization.

One of these new technologies is a patented electrochemical method of producing ozone, which overcomes many of the limitations described above. It introduces no impurities, requires no preparation of the air, and delivers ozone at 10-15% concentration at 30 psi or higher. Inherently simple with no moving parts, it can be scaled to very small sizes, allowing many new fields of use that aren't practical with existing methods, including point of entry/use potable water treatment (e.g. bottled water production).

Lynntech is currently assembling preproduction units for testing by various customers. These cabinet-sized units will produce 5 pounds per day, and will be available in limited production quantities within a year. The company also has a one pound/day unit in prototype, and much smaller units are also envisioned. One patent is issued, and several more are pending.

The company is in the process of considering various options for business models to carry these developments forward, and would welcome discussions with interested parties.