DOE SEAB Electric Reliability Task Force-2nd Meeting
Source: DOE
Date: 5/19/97    Record No.: 10453
Contact: Rich Burrow, DOE HQ,

DOE SEAB Electric Reliability Task Force-2nd Meeting
According to our contacts at DOE, the second meeting went well. The group is starting to close on some basic assumptions regarding the future of the electric power industry and on a set of basic concepts/requirements for electric system reliability. In addition, the Task Force is gaining a better understanding of the differing viewpoints of NERC, Power Marketers, and DOE on how to maintain and assure reliability.

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(The third meeting of the DOE Reliablility Task Force was held June 3, 1997 in Philadelphia PA, and focused on several of the key policy and institutional differences between NERC, Power Marketers and DOE. )

Outline of minutes:

Secretary of Energy Advisory Board
Task Force on Electric System Reliability

Minutes of Second Task Force Meeting March 25, 1997
Madison Hotel, Washington, D.C.

1.0 Opening Remarks and Perspectives

2.0 Discussion of Assumptions Regarding the Future of the Electricity Industry

3.0 DOE Paper on Electric Systems Reliability Concepts
4.0 Panel Discussion and Roundtable on Policy and Institutional Issues
- Who should define and measure bulk power system reliability?

5.0 Public Comment Period.

7.0 Final Public Comment

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