Advanced Lighting Guidelines: 1993
Source: Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
Date: 6/1/95    Record No.: 10119
Contact: Francis Rubinstein, 510-486-4096

Advanced Lighting Guidelines: 1993
Advanced Lighting Guidelines: 1993 is a DOE report (DOE/EE-0008). It provides an overview of specific lighting technologies and design applications for energy efficient lighting. The report assesses lighting strategies, discusses issues, and explains how to obtain quality lighting design and consulting services. Each of 10 sections provides a technology overview, discussing products on the market. For use by electric utility personnel involved in lighting programs, the report is also used at FEMP training sessions. (The work was cofunded by EPRI and the Calif. Energy Commission, each of whom also published the same document under its own respective covers.)

[Note: The Lighting Research Center at RPI in NY conducts the National Lighting Product Information Program (NLPIP), funded by a number of utilties (EPA, DOE, and others). NLPIP publishes "Specifier Reports" and "Lighting Answers," providing detailed technical information on commercial products. 518-276-8716.]