California Institute for Energy Efficiency(CIEE)
Source: Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
Date: 6/1/95    Record No.: 10114
Contact: Jim Cole, Carl Blumstein, 510-642-9588

California Institute for Energy Efficiency(CIEE)
This is a separate entity of the University of California--a collaborative of the California PUC and Energy Commission, the California electric and gas utilities, universities, and LBL, focused directly at advancing technology for energy efficiency in California (all sectors) mid- to long-term.

CIEE may be an interesting target of opportunity to UFTO members. Its funding has been drastically cut--Calif. utilities are no longer paying dues. CIEE has funds to keep going for another 2 years, as it looks at alternatives for the future, one of which is to broaden its attention outside California.

CIEE may be a useful resource to utilities elsewhere, with its expertise and repository of technical information (available free). Also, there are ongoing projects which could be tuned or redirected to the interests of new players. As just one example, Building Performance Measurement, Operation & Control: Diagnostics for Commissioning and Operation has DOE support, and may be a "line of business" opportunity for utilities. An automated system is being developed that will help operators diagnose performance degradation, so that buildings can be operated "to spec." There is also work in low NOx burners, alternatives to compressor cooling, HVAC distribution systems, and many other areas.