Building Technologies Program
Source: Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
Date: 6/1/95    Record No.: 10112
Contact: Stephen Selkowitz, 510-486-5064

Building Technologies Program
Windows and daylighting, building energy simulation tools, lighting systems.

Electrochromic Window Coatings ("smart windows") can vary light transmission by from 10-80% with the application of a low dc voltage; can be controlled to maintain constant light levels with dimmable electric lighting, control solar heat gain, and result in substantial overall energy savings and load control.

LBL is technical lead for DOE, and holds patents for two families of polymers for use in these coatings, and has CRADAs underway with Dow Chemical. Expect commercial prototypes in 2-3 years. Research field tests are already underway. There will be demos with utilities.

Selective ("low-E") Coatings pass visible light and block infrared. LBL doing research in the durability and performance of these coatings.

Advanced Insulating Windows ("Superwindows") include coatings and gas-filled systems. LBL developed a concept which has been commercialized (with utility co-supported field tests).

Daylighting Design Tools