Micro SMES
Source: Sandia National Laboratories
Date: 7/1/95    Record No.: 10161
Contact: Dean Rovang, 505-845-8277

Micro SMES
Both Sandia and Los Alamos have a hand in this program to build a SMES unit that would be about 10x larger than Superconductivity, Inc.'s unit, and smaller than the B&W/Anchorage device. The application is Power Quality for industrial customers, and/or at the substation level--on the order of 10's of MW for seconds. This is seen as a development project, not a research one, with the goal to learn if such a device is the solution to an industry problem.

CRADA negotiations are underway with one utility already; however, there is very likely a way for other utilities to participate, if only by providing modest funding for a seat at the table.