Industrial Energy Audits
Source: Sandia National Laboratories
Date: 7/1/95    Record No.: 10160
Contact: Robert Cranwell, 505-844-8368

Industrial Energy Audits
The Energy Analysis Diagnostic Center (EADC) is a DOE/Office of Industrial Technology program at 30 universities around the U.S., which perform energy audits of companies. In conjunction with this program, Sandia is working with two of the NIST Manufacturing Technology Centers (MTCs) to develop an integrated energy, environment and manufacturing (EEM) assessment tool, the concept being that these three areas (energy, environment, and manufacturing) need to be assessed on an integrated basis, as an attempt to optimize in one area could cause problems in the others. This integrated tool would be used by MTC field agents to assist U.S. manufacturers in EEM related issues, and is being piloted in SIC codes 345, 346 and 347 (screw machines, stampings and forging and metal coating). The Sandia/MTC program is jointly funded by EPRI, NIST, EPA, DOE/OIT, and Sandia.

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