Reliability/Decision Making
Source: Sandia National Laboratories
Date: 7/1/95    Record No.: 10158
Contact: Robert Cranwell, 505-844-8368

Reliability/Decision Making
Industry and the nuclear weapons complex (NWC) rely upon the availability and reliability of equipment which can greatly influence operational costs. Equipment design, reliability, maintenance strategies, and spares inventories all contribute to the cost-of-ownership of factory or plant equipment. Sandia has developed capabilities to assist industry and the NWC in "design for reliability," equipment improvement analyses, creation of maintenance strategies, and optimization of spares inventories. These capabilities have been broadly applied throughout industry, including the U.S. semiconductor industry, biomedical industry, machine tool industry, automotive and aircraft manufacturing industries, and solar power industry. The capabilities include custom reliability analysis software, optimization analysis techniques, predictive maintenance capabilities, and cost-of-ownership analysis tools. Key partners include SEMATECH and several of its member companies, Cincinnati Milacron, McDonnell Douglas, and USCAR (a consortia of the "big three" auto makers).