Combustion Research
Source: Sandia National Laboratories
Date: 7/1/95    Record No.: 10148
Contact: Don Hardesty, 510-294-2321; Charles M. Hartwig, 510-294-3047

Combustion Research
Over 1000 Sandia employees are located in facilities in Livermore California, and operate several special facilities, one of which is the Combustion Research Facility, the only one of its kind in DOE. Can handle industrial scale burners to 3 million BTU/hour. It is a "user facility" and outside visitors and users are encouraged. Partnerships with industry include GM, Cummins and Beckman Instruments and many others. Developed a number of specialized flame/combustion observational, measurement and diagnostic techniques. Provided fuel blending strategies to midwest utilities to meet SOx requirements.

The Burner Engineering Research Laboratory, a user facility for industrial burner manufacturers, is booked for a year in advance. Wide range of studies include air toxics modeling.

NOx program addresses measurement and prediction of NO formation in turbulent flames.

Sensors for steel industry for in situ measurement of CO and CO2 in furnaces.

Combustion properties of biomass derived fuels and char.

Laser and remote atmospheric sensing (invented Lidar).

The Engine Combustion Technology Program involves all the major car and engine makers, universities and other labs.

In Hydrogen, work in progress on combustion, engines, storage, and hydrides.

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Topics: NOX & SOX